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Install guide

Luxon provides different builds for different JS environments. See below for a link to the right one and instructions on how to use it.

Basic browser setup

Just include Luxon in a script tag. You can access its various classes through the luxon global.

<script src="luxon.js"></script>

You may wish to alias the classes you use:

var DateTime = luxon.DateTime;


Install via NPM:

npm install --save luxon
const { DateTime } = require('luxon');

AMD (System.js, RequireJS, etc)

requirejs(['luxon'], function(luxon) {


import { DateTime } from 'luxon';


npm install --save luxon
import { DateTime } from 'luxon';


[Help wanted.]

React Native

[This section is a bit of a placeholder because I know little about RN. So contributions welcome!]

Luxon works in React Native. On Android, the Intl API isn't provided out of the box. Luxon works without Intl support but a lot of its features work as you expect, especially regarding time zones and internationalization. You can use the international variant of jsc-android-buildscripts to Intl support.